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Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation and Sport medicine

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Quark PFT


The IRR Institute has Quark PFT device consisting of a real laboratory for pulmonary function tests. You can do the following:

Spirometry: execution of the main lung function tests.

Body plethysmography: “Gold Standard” examination for the measurement of lung volumes.

Diffusing Capacity test: to measure the diffusion capacity of carbon monoxide (CO) in the lungs.

Lung Volumes: alternative to plethysmography, using the “nitrogen Washout” technique.

Respiratory Mechanics: allows you to run tests for the evaluation of respiratory muscles, their strength and rigidity.

Forced Oscillation technique: evaluation of the mechanical properties of the respiratory system.

Occlusion technique: allows the measurement of airway resistance through the flow interruption technique.

Metabolic tests: measure the intrapulmonary exchange and ventilatory response of the patient during clinical exertion or at rest stress tests.