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Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation and Sport medicine

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Rehabilitation of Leg Artheriopathies (Maximal Analytic Test – MAT)


Atherosclerotic disease (or atherosclerosis), which through its clinical manifestations, in particular with myocardial infarction and cerebral vascular disease, is still the leading cause of death in the Western world, is characterized by manifestations in multiple districts: namely that different segments of our arterial tree can be simultaneously affected, thus creating the conditions for a reduction of blood supply, and thus oxygen and nourishment, to the districts to which these vessels are distributed.

The rehabilitation of lower limb arterial disease takes into account the lesion level, the bilateral or monolateral nature, the individual patient’s ability.


– Medical treatment of peripheral arterial disease

– Additional treatment complementary to surgery

Age, cardiac or respiratory failure, coronary heart disease, amputation of a limb are not limitations.

The objectives and principles of the rehabilitation of arterial disease in the lower limbs are: to increase the functional capabilities by improving the adaptation of the muscle to the effort and developing collateral circulation, to avoid work in ischemia and stimulate work of the muscle segments placed below the lesions. This develops district collateral circulation (improvement of the circulatory flow without change of pressure at the ankle) and metabolic changes (improvement of aerobic mechanisms).